Pantone: What colours you sould wear in 2020


Each year Pantone Color Institute presents a catalog of the most fashionable shades. Designers use them in their collections, fashionistas wear these things. We suggest you keep up with the trends and find out what ito wear in 2020, according to Pantone. We remind you that items from the article can be purchased on

1. Classic blue

Blue is the main color of this year. In many cultures, it is the color of good luck, eternity and honesty. It is suitable for absolutely any women with the different types of appearance.

2. Fiery red

This color expresses the determination of the woman who wears it. It cathes everybodies attention. Therefore, if you do not mind being in the spotlight, put it on.

3. Saffron

Saffron shade is a slightly shaded yellow. Girls with red and brown hair can't get by without it in the wardrobe.

4. Olive

Olive color in clothes gives the image fresh spring. It is used both in everyday, and in evening, and business looks. This color goes well with beige, black, blue, gray and burgundy. Flashy shades are undesirable for combining. Although no one forbids you to experiment!

5. Ash gray

The most fashionable shade of gray is ash. It is designed for everyday and business looks.


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